Counselling Practice



I had a psychotherapy practice in the Spadina Therapy Centre for over 20 years. I have now changed my practice to counselling, exclusively on-line. My training at the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto, informs my creative approach to counselling, recognizing the importance of the mind and body connection. I gently encourage individuals to unlock psychic blocks and face issues of fear, anxiety, shame, depression, and anger through dreamwork, guided meditation, artwork, and visualization.


I also work with couples grappling with the various challenges that being in a deep relationship with another can bring. I coach couples to improve communication and help bring a higher consciousness to the dynamic at play between the partners. The goal is to deepen the relationship and strengthen the bond.  Sometimes  I guide couples to develop a relationship vision that they both author.  We identify the elements that will be most challenging and determine how to overcome the obstacles of realizing their vision. 


I taught the first-year trainees in the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto program for six years, introducing them to the elements, theories of psychotherapy, bioenergetics and energy healing. 


In addition to the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto program taught by John Went,  I have taken a number of related courses and intensive workshops including work with Marion Woodman, Elinor Dickson, (Dreamwork) Steven Johnson (Character Structures), John Gottman, Sue Johnston and  Terence Real (couple’s training, Levels I, II, III), Dick Swartz (Internal Family Systems), Christina Becker (Jungian Theory and Alchemy).


I am committed to creating a safe and sacred environment in which to explore undiscovered parts of the Self. 

If you are looking for insurance coverage for this counselling work,  I will not likely be covered, so it is best to check with whoever manages your policy.

My hourly rate is $120.00